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An overview of the topics found on this website as well as useful links to external sites are provided here.

Introducing the P2000T

Many great (online) articles have been written on the P2000T and I see no use repeating upon these text here. A curated list of interesting reads is simply provided here.


The P2000T machine is an absolute joy if you love tinkering and building custom electronics. The links below refer to articles on this website containing information how to build your own P2000T Hardware.


To make the most use out of your P2000T machine, below a list of additional tools is provided. To retrieve the data on the ROMS from SLOT1 cartridges, one can make use of a simple "HAT" PCB mounted on an Arduino Leonardo. For many projects shown on this website, we make use of the commonly available SST39SF0x0 range of parallel ROM chips. Programmers for these chips can easily costs around 100 euros and to cut down on such costs, we have designed a cheap ROM programmer based on a Raspberry Pi PICO.

Software and Programming

Programming for the P2000T can be done in several languages as well as Z80 assembly. Most users at the time will have programmed in BASIC, though for quicker programs Z80 assembly is highly recommended. There is also the option to write C and cross-compile this to Z80 assembly, targeting the P2000T machine.


Two emulators are available, one relatively old one designed for MS-DOS in 1996 and a more recent one based on MAME.




Many P2000 machines are on permanent exhibition in the Dutch Homecomputer Museum in Helmond, such as the the P2000T, the P2000M and the P2000C.