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Getting the most out of your venerable P2000 system is made possible using a number of tools whose working are documented here.

Arduino Leonardo Cartridge Reader

Extracting the data of a P2000T SLOT1 cartridge is a simple matter of connecting to the cartridge and reading the internal ROM chips, very much in the same manner as the P2000T machine itself would do it. Obviously, we would like to do this in a non-invasive manner, i.e., without opening and/or damaging the original cartridge. This page explains how one can build a relatively simple PCB that can be mounted on top of an Arduino Leonardo to read the contents of a SLOT1 cartridge.

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PICO-based SST39SF0x0 programmer

Interfacing with the P2000T using a modern computer can be a difficult task. Although there exists the possibility to interface with the P2000T using a serial connection, another option is to use an EEPROM. EEPROM flashers can be relatively expensive and this project attempts to tackle this by building a dedicated EEPROM flasher for the SST39SF0x0 branch of chips based on a Raspberry Pi PICO.

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SLOT1 adapter board for the PICO-based SST39SF0x0 programmer

Akin to the Arduino Leonardo based cartridge reader, this page explains upon a very simple adapter board such that one can use the PICO-based SST39SF0x0 programmer to read the contents of a SLOT1 cartridge.

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